顶级投资人 雷·达里奥 作品《原则》12- 第二章 两个你和你的机器


Your Two Yous and Your Machine


Those who are most successful are capable of “higher level thinking” —i.e., they are able to step back and design a “machine” consisting of the right people doing the right things to get what they want. They are able to assess and improve how their “machine” works by comparing the outcomes that the machine is producing with the goals. Schematically, the process is as shown in the diagram below. It is a feedback loop:


顶级投资人 雷·达里奥 作品《原则》12- 第二章 两个你和你的机器

That schematic is meant to convey that your goals will determine the “machine” that you create to achieve them; that machine will produce outcomes that you should compare with your goals to judge how your machine is working. Your “machine” will consist of the design and people you choose to achieve the goals. For example, if you want to take a hill from an enemy you will need to figure out how to do that— e.g., your design might need two scouts, two snipers, four infantrymen, one person to deliver the food, etc. While having the right design is essential, it is only half the battle. It is equally important to put the right people in each of these positions. They need different qualities to play their positions well—e.g., the scouts must be fast runners, the snipers must be precise shots, etc. If your outcomes are inconsistent with your goals (e.g., if you are having problems), you need to modify your “machine,” which means that you either have to modify your design/culture or modify your people. Do this often and well and your improvement process will look like the one on the left and do it poorly and it will look like the one on the right, or worse:

这个图表说明,这台“机器”旨在实现你所设定的目标,“机器”产出的结果与目标进行比较,判断“机器”的运行情况,你的这台“机器”由机构设置与员工配备两块组成。例如,你想要攻下敌人占领的山头,就得知道怎么去操作,你的设计方案可能是:需要两个侦察兵,两名狙击手,四名步兵,一名后勤兵并给前方运送食物。做好设计方案很重要,但想打好仗,这只完成了一半,同样重要的是,你还需要将合适的员工安排在正确的岗位上。每个岗位所要求的素质不同,侦察兵要跑得快,狙击手要射得准。如果结果和目标不一致,比如出现问题了, 你就要调试自己的这台“机器”,既要调试设计方案及企业文化,也要调整人员配备。经常这样进行反馈与调整,进步的过程就会如左图曲线所示,反之如右图曲线所示。

顶级投资人 雷·达里奥 作品《原则》12- 第二章 两个你和你的机器

I call it “higher level thinking” because your perspective is of one who is looking down on at your machine and yourself objectively, using the feedback loop as I previously described. In other words, your most important role is to step back and design, operate and improve your “machine” to get what you want.


Think of it as though there are two yous—you as the designer and overseer of the plan to achieve your goals (let’s call that one you(1)) and you as one of the participants in pursuing that mission (which we will call you(2)). You(2) are a resource that you(1) have to get what you(1) want, but by no means your only resource. To be successful you(1) have to be objective about you(2).

想象有两个你,你(1 号)是整个方案的设计者和监督者,你(2 号)是履行任务的参与者。你 (2 号)是你(1 号)为了实现目标的一个资源,但绝不是唯一的资源。要想成功,你(1 号) 要对你(2 号)保持客观评价。

Let’s imagine that your goal is to have a winning basketball team. Wouldn’t it be silly to put yourself in a position that you don’t play well? If you did, you wouldn’t get what you want. Whatever your goals are, achieving them works the same way.


If you(1) see that you(2) are not capable of doing something, it is only sensible for you(1) to have someone else do it. In other words, you(1) should look down on you(2) and all the other resources at your(1) disposal and create a “machine” to achieve your(1) goals, remembering that you(1) don’t necessarily need to do anything other than to design and manage the machine to get what you(1) want. If you(1) find that you(2) can’t do something well fire yourself (2) and get a good replacement! You shouldn’t be upset that you found out that you(2) are bad at that—you(1) should be happy because you(1) have improved your(1) chances of getting what you(1) want. If you(1) are disappointed because you(2) can’t be the best person to do everything, you(1) are terribly naïve because nobody can do everything well.

如果你(1 号)发现你(2 号)不擅长做某事,你(1 号)安排别人来做,这样看才是合理的。 换句话说,你(1 号)要俯视包括你(2 号)在内所有可利用的资源,建立一台“机器”,实现 你(1 号)的目标。记住,你(1 号)可不一定只做为实现你(1 号)目标的设计与管理“机器”的工作,当你(1 号)发现你(2 号)不能很好完成任务时,就解雇你(2 号),换个合适的岗位。不要因为发现你(2 号)不擅长那个岗位就感到沮丧,你(1 号)应该感到高兴, 因为你(1 号)提升了你(1 号)自己实现目标的几率,如果你(1 号)是因为觉得你(2 号) 无法成为事事都能做得完美之人而感到沮丧,那你(1 号)的想法就太幼稚了,因为人无完 人。

The biggest mistake most people make is to not see themselves and others objectively. If theycould just get around this, they could live up to their potentials.


• How much do you intellectually agree with what I just said?


• How good are you in approaching life as a “higher level thinker” rather than as a doer?


• How much would you like to get better at this?


• How much do you think that reading this is a waste of time?



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