顶级投资人 雷·达里奥 作品《原则》11- 第二章 你的第五个重要选择




顶级投资人 雷·达里奥 作品《原则》11- 第二章 你的第五个重要选择

People who blame bad outcomes on anyone or anything other than themselves are behaving in a way that is at variance with reality, and subversive to their progress.


Blaming bad outcomes on anyone or anything other than one’s self is essentially wishing that reality is different than it is, which is silly. And it is subversive because it diverts one’s attention away from mustering up the personal strength and other qualities that are required to produce the best possible outcomes.

结果不理想就怪到别人头上,而不认为自己有问题,实际上是想自欺欺人,这种做法很可笑, 还会阻碍进步。说它会障碍进步因为这样做无疑是分散了精力,这些精力原本可以用来提升个人优能力,或者其他可以实现最佳结果的个人品质。

Blaming others is NOT the same thing as holding others accountable, which we will discuss in my Management Principles.


Successful people understand that bad things come at everyone and that it is their responsibility to make their lives what they want them to be by successfully dealing with whatever challenges they face. Successful people know that nature is testing them, and that it is not sympathetic.


Luck — both good and bad — is a reality. But it is not a reason for an excuse. In life, we have a large number of choices, and luck can play a dominant role in the outcomes of our choices. But if you have a large enough sample size—if you have large number of decisions (if you are playing a lot of poker hands, for example)— over time, luck will cancel out and skill will have a dominant role in determining outcomes. A superior decision-maker will produce superior outcomes. That does not mean there won’t be certain bad-(or good-) luck events that are life changing: a friend of mine dove into a swimming pool and became a quadriplegic. But he approached his situation well and became as happy as anybody else, because there are many paths to happiness. What happens to a lot of people is that they don’t take personal responsibility for their outcomes, and as a result fail to make the best possible decisions.

无论是好运气还是坏运气,都是现实。但运气不能成为借口。生活中我们面对很 选择,运气对选择的结果起着重要作用,但假如样本数量足够大,就是说你的决定特别多,那久而久之,运气的作用就会被消除,而能力才是对结果起主导作用。优秀的决策者会做出优秀的决定。那并不意味着不会有好的或者坏的运气对人生产生重大改变:我有个朋友在游泳池跳水的时候不慎变成了四肢瘫痪者,但他面对这样的境遇依然能够处理得很好,跟其他人一样的幸福,因为通往幸福的道路不止一条。很多人不为自己所造成的结果担当起个人责任,结果就是无法做出最佳决定。

As I mentioned earlier, I believe that nature is symbiotic—and that we must give to it for it to give back.


How much do you let yourself off the hook rather than hold yourself accountable for your success?


In summary, I believe that you can probably get what you want out of life if you can suspend your ego and take a no-excuses approach to achieving your goals with open -mindedness, determination, and courage, especially if you rely on the help of people who are strong in areas that you are weak.


If I had to pick just one quality that those who make the right choices have, it is character. Character is the ability to get one’s self to do the difficult things that produce the desired results. In other words, I believe that for the most part, achieving success—whatever that is for you—is mostly a matter of personal choice and that, initially, making the right choices can be difficult. However, because of the law of nature that pushing your boundaries will make you stronger, which will lead to improved results that will motivate you, the more you operate in your “stretch zone,” the more you adapt and the less character it takes to operate at the higher level of performance. So, if you don’t let up on yourself, i.e., if you operate with the same level of “pain,” you will naturally evolve at an accelerating pace. Because I believe this, I believe that whether or not I achieve my goals is a test of what I am made of. It is a game that I play, but this game is for real. In the next part I explain how I go about playing it.


In summary, I don’t believe that limited abilities are an insurmountable barrier to achieving yourgoals, if you do the other things right.


As always, it is up to you to ask yourself if what I am saying is true. As the next part delves into this concept more, you might want to reserve your judgment until after you have read it.

还是老规矩,你自己来判断我说的是不是真的,下一章会更深入探讨这个概念,在那之前,你 可以保留自己的判断。


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