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The product range – our identity

We shall offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.


The objective must be to encompass the total home environment, i.e. to offer furnishings and fittings for every part of the home whether indoors or outdoors. The range may also include tools, utensils and ornaments for the home as well as more or less advanced components for do-it-yourself furnishing and interior decoration. It may also contain a smaller number of articles for public buildings. The range must always be limited to avoid any adverse effect on the overall price picture. The main effort must always be concentrated on the essential products in each product area.


The main emphasis must always be on our basic range – on the part that is “typically IKEA”. Our basic range must have its own profile. It must reflect our way of thinking by being as simple and straightforward as we are ourselves. It must be hard-wearing and easy to live with. It must reflect an easier, more natural and unconstrained way of life. It must express form, and be colourful and cheerful, with a youthful accent that appeals to the young at heart of all ages.

In Scandinavia, people should perceive our basic range as typically IKEA. Elsewhere, they should perceive it as typically Swedish.

Alongside the basic product range, we may have a smaller range in a more traditional style that appeals to most people and which may be combined with our basic range. This part of the range must be strictly limited outside Scandinavia.

Function and technical quality

“Throw-away” products are not IKEA. Whatever the consumer purchases shall give long-term enjoyment. That is why our products must be functional and well-made. But quality must never be an end in itself: it must be adjusted to the consumer’s needs. A tabletop, for example, needs a harder-wearing surface than a shelf in a bookcase. In the first example, a more expensive finish offers the consumer long-lasting utility, whereas in the latter it just hurts the customer by adding to the price. Quality must always be adapted to the consumer’s interests in the long-term. Our benchmarks should be the basic Swedish Möbelfakta requirements or other sensible norms.

Low price with a meaning

The many people usually have limited financial resources. It is the
many people whom we aim to serve. The first rule is to maintain an extremely low level of prices. But they must be low prices with a meaning. We must not compromise either functionality or technical quality.

No effort must be spared to ensure our prices are perceived to be low. There shall always be a substantial price difference compared to our competitors, and we shall always have the best value-for money offers for every function. Every product area must include “breath-taking offers”, and our range must never grow so large as to jeopardise our price picture. The concept of a low price with a meaning makes enormous demands on all our co-workers. That includes product developers, designers, buyers, office and warehouse staff, sales people and all other cost bearers who are in a position to influence our purchase prices and all our other costs – in short, every single one of us! Without low costs, we can never accomplish our purpose.

Changes in our range policy

Our basic policy of serving the many people can never be changed. Changes in the guidelines given here concerning the composition of our product range can be made only by joint decision of the Boards of Ingka Holding B.V. and Inter IKEA Systems B.V.


产品系列 – 我们的标志





我们的工作重点永远是基本产品系列 – 即那些“典型的宜家”产品。我们的基本产品系列应有自己的标志。它能反映出我们的思想,就像我们自己一样朴实、坦诚;它应耐用、方便;它应体现出更轻松、更自然、更自由的生活方式;它既有设计感、又色彩欢快,给人以青春的力量,让各年龄的人都有一种心灵年轻的感觉。






大多数人的经济能力是有限的。而我们的目标就是服务大众,因此首要原则就是保持一个极低的价格水平。但这种低价股是有意义的。我们绝不能在产品功能和质量上降低标准。为确保低价格,我们要不遗余力。我们应始终与竞争对手保持相当的价格距离,同时在每个功能领域都有物超所值的产品。每个产品系列都必须包含“低价到令人窒息”的产品。同时产品系列也绝不能无限扩大,以致危及到我们的低价形象。有意义的低价格对我们每一位员工都提出了严格的要求,包括产品的开发人员、设计师、采购员、行政人员、仓库员工、销售员工、以及能够影响采购价格和其他开支的所有相关部门员工 – 简单来说,就是我们中的每一个人。如果没有低成本,我们的目标就永远不能实现。




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